Women at Sanlam on Women’s Day

Posted on August 8th, 2018 |

Ahead of Sanlam’s participation in Women’s Day activities over the month of August, some of the women of Sanlam share their views.

Deolinda Delcarme, Quality & Risk Consultant: Sanlam Financial Advisers (Head Office)

To me this is a day of reflection. It’s recognised in our calendar to encourage the total emancipation of all women from economic and social subordination. We remember, honour and draw inspiration from those who marched bravely on the Union Buildings in 1956 in a historic act of rebellion – those who went before us and pronounced, ‘You strike a woman and you have struck a rock’!  It’s a day on which we recognise the plight of ordinary women who are still downtrodden by unemployment, poverty, unfair treatment, discrimination, violence and abuse. We must urge gender equity and fair treatment for women according to their respective needs and roles in society.

Mary Shale, Field Administrator: SanlamSky (Agency Distribution) Rustenburg

To me, Women’s Day means celebrating myself as a woman – my uniqueness, strength, dignity and resilience.

Anna-Marié Fourie, Admin Assistant: Sanlam/Santam – Thornburn Security Solutions (Head Office)

Every day should be Women’s Day. We are special creations and should be treated that way every day.

Nomveli Molosi, Client Care Assistant: Main Reception (Head Office)

On this day I celebrate respect, love and gender equality – the freedom to voice and express my views. I salute and give my respect to Helen Joseph, Rahima Moosa, Sophie Williams and Lilian Ngoyi. We are here because of them. ‘Wathinta Abafazi, Wathinta Imbokodo’.

 Tshililo Musekwa, Field Administrator: SanlamSky, Thohoyandou

Women’s Day means that women are very strong. They are fighters. When they make a decision they don’t turn back.

Aurea Theunissen, cleaning staff, ProCare (Head Office)

Women’s Day is to celebrate women in our country – to celebrate what women are doing in their jobs, at home, in education, religion and in their communities.

Danelle van Heerde, Head: Advice Processes & Tools: Sanlam Personal Finance (Head Office)

Women’s Day is an opportunity to create awareness of issues relating to women and to celebrate women making a difference in the world around them, small or big.

A cause I feel strongly about is access to women’s hygiene products for teenage girls so they don’t have to miss out on school every month.

Roshny Davids, Client Care Assistant: SPF (Head Office)

I celebrate my womanhood, the greatest gift from the hand of God. I celebrate the great and the small things. I’m thankful for my family and every woman who has added value to my life. I celebrate the fact that I have a voice. I celebrate the road I’ve travelled – the success and the failures.

Wadiah Martin, Personal Assistant: Sanlam Foundation (Head Office)

There are so many challenges in being a woman. You’re always having to prove your strength and ability – not only to men, but the pressure you’re under to prove yourself to fellow women. For one day I hope it can be a day of honouring brave, supportive, strong women who can celebrate their peers’ success. Women’s Day means celebrating being a woman and owning it – regardless of shape, size or situation.

Shirley Makunyane, Field Administrator: SanlamSky (Agency Distribution) Rustenburg

Woman’s day means that we are breaking social barriers and walking in the footprints of the women that paved a way for us on 9 August 1956.