Group Office achievers recognised at annual Kudos awards

Posted on December 12th, 2018 |

Last Friday, Group Office staff members gathered at Head Office to recognise and reward colleagues’ achievements.

The Kudos Group Office rewards programme is designed to honour excellence in performance, innovation and leadership.

‘Kudos is to give praise and honour for an achievement. The Group Office Kudos programme therefore aims to honour individuals and teams in the categories of superior performance, innovation and leadership,’ says Heinie Werth, Sanlam’s Financial Director.

‘Each one of this year’s Group Office Kudos winners has been recognised for their extraordinary efforts to deliver results, for their commitment to Sanlam’s purpose and for always striving to do things very, very well,’ he adds. ‘All the winners are excellent examples of the culture and way we want things to be done at Sanlam.’

Click here to see the winners.

Back row: Heinie Werth, Hessel Turkstra, Martino Petersen, Shane Adams, Allister Colli Middle row: Elena Meyer, Lauren Williams, Mariska Oosthuizen, Sharon van Tura, Carmel Chinswami, Chantal Lesch, Cleo Williams, Gavin du Toit Front row: Pru Ndimande, Kelly Driscoll, Maudé Hugo, Adele de Jager, Dorianne Pegram, Annele Strauss, Benita Koen. Absent: Lineve Franks, Riana Slabbert.