Fedhealth gives clients the power of choice

Posted on September 13th, 2018 |

Fedhealth launched a new product this week that offers clients choice, flexibility and control.

‘The most radical change Fedhealth is making is to the way you pay for day-to-day benefits,’ says Martin Neethling, Head of Sanlam Healthcare Consultants and Sanlam Gap Cover. ‘Medical aids usually charge you for day-to-day savings upfront, which can make up as much as 25% of your monthly rate. No more.’

Fedhealth is now the only medical aid that offers clients a massively reduced monthly base rate using Fedhealth MediVault and Wallet. This will offer you, based on your profile, a pre-approved amount which you’ll pay as you use for your daily expenses. No interest will be charged if you pay it within 12 months.

Based on your life stage, core benefit bundles can be personalised:

  • flexiFED 1 – perfect for healthy, young single people looking for affordable, quality cover
  • flexiFED 2 – more suited to young families starting out
  • flexiFED 3 – tailored to young families making their way up in the world
  • flexiFED 4 – for more mature families looking for all-inclusive cover.

All core benefit bundles come pre-packed with value-added benefits covered from Risk, not from the MediVault and Wallet. These include:

  • In-hospital cover
  • Chronic medication
  • Screenings
  • Day-to-day expenses like specialised radiology, trauma treatment at a casualty ward and cover for female contraceptives (flexiFED 4 also includes unlimited network GP visits).

Clients can choose to control their rates at a price tag they control:

  • Take off 12% by selecting the Network Hospital Option (GRID); or
  • Save 25% by limiting yourself to a smaller hospital network (Elect).

For more information

  • Wealthsmiths™ can speak to a consultant at Simeka Health, the dedicated healthcare broker for Sanlam staff, at 0860 122 340.
  • Intermediaries can share the new Fedhealth offering with clients by referring them to Sanlam Healthcare Consultants at 0860 444 344.